The concept for KMS Professionals started when Jackie and Sam recognised that working from home was providing only a part-time service for their consultants. There were times during the day when the consultants phone wasn’t being answered – giving the potential for new patients to go elsewhere. On canvassing their consultants, they gleaned that having their phone answered was the most important part of the service, but working individually Jackie and Sam were unable to fulfil this requirement. As a result they started to form a plan for collaboration.

Kent Medical Secretaries commenced business on 3 September 2007, with Jackie and Sam in a small office and Ali Race joining them shortly after to keep their accounts in order. As the business grew with more non-Kent based consultants joining, they changed their name to KMS Professionals.

One of the biggest challenges was to persuade consultants accustomed to patient files and dictaphones to move with the times and use electronic notes and dictation. This was hugely successful and they haven’t looked back, with their consultants now using Healix Health’s DGL Practice Management System and their smart phones. All of which saves time and lessens the risk of data protection issues – not to mention saving on paper.