KMS is passionate about delivering an unrivalled service – whilst putting our consultants, their patients and our staff at the heart of everything we do.

Our mission is to set the bar in the private practice industry by providing the highest quality practice management to consultants throughout the UK. Business at KMS has grown by word of mouth and we are confident in marketing an unrivalled service to new consultants.

  • proven ability to grow practices > increased revenue for consultants and KMS
  • knowledge and expertise to guide new consultants into private practice
  • precise and efficient billing processes to maximise cash flow

Our vision remains to grow organically, ensuring that we have sufficient properly trained staff to manage the practices, but not to grow so big that our service becomes impersonal.

Our greatest job satisfaction comes from taking on new consultants and growing their practices, whilst giving our existing consultants the highest standard of support, thus allowing them to concentrate on their clinical work. We continue to train and value our staff to encourage loyalty and equip them to drive their consultant’s practice into the fast lane.

KMS passionately believe that no one without a heart for service should be working in healthcare and therefore Honesty, Evolutionary, Accountable, Responsive, Teamwork (HEART) are the core values which the KMS team chose collectively to be the foundation of their everyday working practice.