As a leading provider of private practice support, KMS understands every aspect of private practice and how important the administration is for your patients and your practice.

That’s why we know how critical it is to consistently offer an excellent service  – all the time. So if you find yourself in need of extra support during busy periods; such as annual leave or unplanned absence, KMS can help with one of our bespoke, flexible solutions:

Temporary practice cover
In addition to providing full practice cover, along with billing and collection, KMS provides short or longer temporary cover to ensure your practice is personally managed to the level you’d expect at all times.

Phone answering and over flow service:
KMS understand the importance of never missing a call and our professional experienced team can answer your practices’ telephones or provide an overflow service to ensure no important patient calls or opportunities are missed.

Transcription typing
Our bespoke transcription service utilises the skills of experienced and knowledgeable medical typists, ensuring accurate prompt transcripts. Meeting ICO data requirements, our audio transcription service guarantees your transcriptions remain secure at all times. Our transcription service saves you valuable time, allowing this to be spent on your patients.

Billing and collection
KMS’ experienced team ensure accurate bills are raised and sent to insurance companies and patients promptly. The team follow up on unpaid accounts and shortfalls, ensuring that full payment is collected which in turn improves your cashflow.

Book keeping
Free up your time by letting KMS can record your expenses and income. Our team can then take care of reconciling these against your bank accounts to ensure accurate year end accounts.

Digital marketing
Website and social media are powerful communication tools for your business. KMS can work with you to create and manage your social media if you have no time to keep them up to date and our marketing team can review your existing website or create new sites to ensure your online reputation is engaging and active for your patients.