KMS understand the importance cash flow has on your business.

Firstly, our experienced Practice Managers ensure all the relevant information is obtained, to ensure that invoices are raised correctly and promptly. Our close working relationships with health insurance companies ensure we are always up to date with the latest CCSD coding principles and pricing. By using DGL Practice Manager, we are able to submit invoices instantly via electronic billing. This ensures a quicker acceptance and consequent settlement of the invoice.

We make it our priority to record payments promptly and accurately, enabling outstanding accounts to be chased effectively. We pride ourselves on our professional service, which maximises cashflow, whilst maintaining good patient relationships. Our impressive Credit Control team provide a proactive and efficient service to all consultants, ensuring payments from insurers, embassies, solicitors, hospitals and patients are made within specific timeframes. DGL Practice Manager enables consultants to monitor their own accounts and produce reports, allowing them to keep control of their business.

For greater flexibility, we offer a choice of payment methods to patients. We can take payment 24/7 via our online payment facility. During office hours, payment can be made via telephone with debit and credit cards, or by personal cheque which we will credit directly to your bank account. BACS payments from insurers are paid directly into consultants’ accounts and all card payments are transferred electronically to the consultants bank account. Each consultant’s transactions are recorded separately, ensuring reconciliations are made seamlessly.

KMS have established strong links with the embassies in London. Before any appointments are made , our practice managers ensure letters of guarantees are obtained from the relevant embassy and our credit control team make regular visits to expedite payment on your behalf, face to face with our embassy contacts.

Patient payments
Patients wishing to pay can call the billing and collection team on 0203 282 7280 or can pay online