Client testimonials

What our clients think of us

'I have been absolutely delighted with the service provided by KMS Professionals. They have proven themselves to be excellent in managing all aspects of my practice. As someone who was new to private practice when I joined them, their support and advice over the first year was instrumental in enabling me to build my practice swiftly and effectively. I have regularly received compliments from my patients relating to the staff at KMS and the professional, friendly and efficient manner in which they have been dealt with'


Consultant Dermatologist

'KMS Professionals provide my full secretarial support and book all patients for my consultations and procedures. They are utterly reliable and honour the confidentiality of the many important and famous patients that consult with me. Indeed if I did not have complete confidence in their work I would not work with them'

Professor MR

Professor of Dermatology

'Since engaging with KMS Professionals, my practice had increased exponentially. They take all the stress out of managing my practice, which in my case, is very complex! Financial management is also superb with very little write-offs at the end of the year. Delighted with KMS'

Professor MB

Professor of Laryngology and consultant Laryngologist

'I was drowning in my burgeoning private practice, unable to stay afloat with enquiries, appointments, listings, letters, results, invoices, shortfalls, etc … but the KMS team and my dedicated Practice Manager have absolutely saved me! Now, I enjoy simply and rightly caring for my patients, whilst KMS cares for me'


Consultant Otorhinolaryngologist

' It's always hard to start with a new team and leave the one you know but I'm so glad I moved to KMS and I’ve now a very well organised practice'


Consultant Gastroenterologist