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Dictation and transcription

KMS are extremely proud of our amazing team of experienced and knowledgeable medical typists. Your correspondence, clinic notes and other dictated documents are transcribed and uploaded within 24-48 hours.

Designed with KMS consultants in mind and to assist with your dictation, KMS has developed it’s own secure, GDPR compliant dictation app/online dictation portal. The app allows you to send your dictation files for transcription securely. 

Not only GDPR compliant, it has the following benefits:

  • record function – consultants can record up to three hour files of dictation
  • send function – consultants can send files directly to the KMS portal. The app will tell them if they have been successfully sent and received by the KMS portal database
  • unsent / failed function – any unsent files are listed and can be resent
  • recording list – a list of all recording made and not deleted within the app
  • playback scrubbing/ panning – this will allow app users to rewind and forward their recordings
  • pause recording and pause on incoming call – allow a user to pause a recording to use the phone for something else if interrupted whilst dictating
  • progress tracking – times each recording and displays in app.



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