KMS are the leading provider nationally in virtual practice management. We have already set up our team to work from home successfully and are able to assist with phone answering, billing and collection and transcription. Please get in touch on 0203 282 1233 if you need assistance.


During this unprecedented period, the KMS team will be working the hours of 9 – 5 pm to ensure our team are working cohesively to be able to continue to deliver the professional service we’re proud of.


We sincerely hope to be able to get our team back in the KMS building sometime soon but in the meantime we wish all our team, suppliers and consultants the best of health. We can’t wait to be together again as a team!!!!

Tailored Solutions

Billing and collection

Our stand alone billing and collection service provides additional assistance when you just need help with raising invoices and collecting payments.

Traditionally collections are both challenging and time consuming. However our expert billing team understand and manage the complexities that surround medical invoicing, the sensitive nature required when dealing with patients and the complexities of embassy patients, insurers and solicitors. 

We can help with any of the following billing services:

  • raise invoices and collect payment
  • aged debt – chase and collect outstanding payments due to you
  • personal finance; logging expenses, reconciling your bank account
  • accounting/ book keeping
  • Assist your accountant for your year end accounts


Streamlined cash flow

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