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We understand how important it is for you to have your practice telephone answered professionally with each and every call. Your Practice Manager and team are your ambassadors and this will be reflected with every call they take for you.  From answering your practice line professionally, in your name, to answering all the many queries and questions that your patients or hospitals may have. Your Practice Manager will ensure that your patients have everything in order to to attend their appointment with you.

With telephone lines answered longer hours than most, between 8-6pm Monday-Friday, we’re extremely proud of our call answer stats; more so after reading an article in February 2019 Independent Practitioner. The article advises that answering 80% of calls would be a ‘sensible percentage to aim for’, whilst ‘90% would be excellent’.

KMS consistently answer in excess of 95% of all calls, which is well above the percentage mentioned as ‘excellent’ in the Independent Practitioner and something we’re all extremely proud of. Great to know we’re ahead of the field again!




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