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Transcription support


We have a fantastic team of transcribers, the core of whom have been with KMS for many years. Our transcribers all have significant experience working as medical secretaries within the NHS or general practice. Prospective transcribers are screened prior to starting with KMS to confirm they have the relevant skills to undertake this role! Our transcribers are matched to the specialities, ensuring the highest level of quality and accuracy. For our practice management clients; medico letters and medico legal reports are typed straight onto the consultant’s software system or a word document. For our consultants who require a typing-only service their letters are typed onto a word document using their headed paper and emailed securely to them.


Dictation app

KMS has developed its own secure, GDPR compliant dictation app. The app allows you to easily and securely send your dictation files for transcription, which our typists will transcribe and return within 24-48 hours.


GDPR compliant

KMS is fully GDPR compliant and is subject to UK data regulations and safeguards. We do not sub-contract any work to third parties, choosing only to use typists according to their experience and accuracy.


As a company we are here for your transcribing needs, whether it is on a permanent basis or to cover your secretary’s annual leave/maternity leave we are here to help!


Please contact us to discuss your transcription requirements; via email: transcription@kmsprofessionals.co.uk or call on 0203 282 1233. 

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