KMS are the leading provider nationally in virtual practice management. We have already set up our team to work from home successfully and are able to assist with phone answering, billing and collection and transcription. Please get in touch on 0203 282 1233 if you need assistance.


During this unprecedented period, the KMS team will be working the hours of 9 – 5 pm to ensure our team are working cohesively to be able to continue to deliver the professional service we’re proud of.


We sincerely hope to be able to get our team back in the KMS building sometime soon but in the meantime we wish all our team, suppliers and consultants the best of health. We can’t wait to be together again as a team!!!!

Tailored Solutions

Transcription support

All our transcribers are screened prior to starting work with KMS to affirm they have the relevant experience and that their typing is of the highest quality and accuracy. So we have a fantastic team of highly trained audio typists, with a wealth of experience in a variety of sectors. For specialist typing, such as medical and legal transcription services, our transcribers must also have relevant experience in the sector. This ensures the highest level of quality and accuracy, and a transcript that our clients can rely on. 

GDPR compliant
You can be assured that as we are fully GDPR compliant your data will not leave the UK and is subject to UK data regulations and safeguards. Neither do we subcontract any work to third parties, choosing only to use typists whom we have carefully chosen for their experience and accuracy.

KMS has developed it’s own secure, GDPR compliant dictation app.  – allowing you to easily and securely send your dictation files for transcription, which our typists will transcribe and return within 24-48 hours.

Not exhaustive, our transcription services cover: 

  • coroners reports
  • interview/ research interviews
  • legal reports
  • medical correspondence 
  • minute taking
  • personal typing
  • professional reports

Please contact us to discuss your transcription requirements, whether this be short term on an ongoing basis; via email or call 0203 282 1233

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